Psychosocial Development

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Stage one is called trust versus mistrust and ranges in ages from 0 to 2. Erikson believed that this stage is centered around the following question; “ is the world safe and predictable or dangerous and chaotic?”. Erikson believed that during the first couple years of an infant's life it is important for the infant to learn that caregivers can be trusted to provide what the infant needs. This helps the child to develop a sense that the world is trustworthy. If there was a scenario where the child was not properly taken care of in the first couple years then the child may develop a form of mistrust and the world may seem unpredictable and the people who are supposed to love and care for the child may be undependable. When this stage is…show more content…
During the third stage it is important for the children to make judgement and start planning their actions. Children will also start to asert more power to the world around them. During this stage the caregiver should encourage the child to explore and begin making important decisions. The children that are successful at this stage, merge with a sense of initiative. But the children that are not successful may merge with a sense of guilt. A positive example would be my husband. He has a lot of initiative and his mother told me when he was four he wanted to do and try everything himself. A negative example would be my brother. He refused to try at anything. He always says it's too hard for him and that he needs help. He never wants to play with anyone or if he does he has to be the one to pick the game. He does have a huge imagination though. Stage 4 is ranged from ages 5 to 12 and has the main question asked “ How can I be good?”. Erickson considers this stage industry vs. inferiority. During this stage children focus on developing a sense of competence (the ability to do something successfully). As children mature they are able to tackle more complex tasks. They also become interested in becoming masterful and accomplished. They show interest in learning new things. You should praise children for their accomplishments. Because of praising children will
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