Psychosocial Rehabilitation for Schizophrenia Essay

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Psychosocial Rehabilitation for Schizophrenia
Psychosocial rehabilitation is a learning based approach using a token economy and social skill training to help patients with schizophrenia develop adaptive behaviors (Nevid, Rathus, & Green, 2003). To live successfully in the community, a variety of treatment approaches are available to people with schizophrenia. A few of the psychosocial rehabilitation options for people with schizophrenia include hospitalization, self-help clubs, family intervention programs, drug therapies and psychosocial treatments. Many treatments have been researched with the most effective being a combination of more than one treatment being implemented simultaneously with others.
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A European standpoint “suggests that schizophrenia reflects an autistic relationship to reality or lack of attunement to others” (Lysaker, Wickett, Wilke, & Lysaker, 2003). All of the preceding factors contribute to the difficulties many people with schizophrenia face functioning in social and occupational roles. These difficulties, in turn, limit their ability to adjust to community life, even in the absence of psychotic behaviors (Nevid, Rathus, & Green, 2003). Self-help clubs commonly called clubhouses were created to help patients hospitalized with schizophrenia transition from a hospital setting back into their communities.
These self-help clubs offered a more structured psychosocial rehabilitation centers. The clubhouse’s objectives are to help people with schizophrenia find a place in society. Many of the clubhouses across the country and even in other countries such as Sweden, Japan, and Australia were founded by the very people who needed them most. These people with schizophrenia created environments where they could go and receive the supports necessary to deal with their illness. This clubhouse movement began in 1948 after mental health agencies failed to provide adequate services to people being released from hospitals with schizophrenia and those suffering in the community. The first clubhouse, founded by released patients was called Fountain House. Since Fountain House more than two-hundred similar clubhouses
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