Psychosocial Theory of Development

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Throughout our life we are constantly going to be changing either biologically or psychologically. We know that our brain a very important and vital component in our body, that helps us in our day to day things. Just like our body our brain also goes through change. We become more intellectual than we were when we were younger. Many psychologists have tried to study and understand how our brain process and develops. One renowned psychologist is Erik Erikson who has published countless books and theories based on his findings. One his most famous theory is the psychosocial theory of development.
Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development consists of eight stages of development. Each stage shows different developmental challenges that the individual faces, and how they tend to solve them. The problems may not be catastrophic or life threatening, but rather they teach us how to resolve and understand them. Erikson further explains that if “the individual is more successful in solving these problems out the healthier the development will be.” (Santrock)
Erikson’s theory is Neo-Freudian theory; it is an extension to Freud’s theory of Psychosexual Development. Freud’s theory focused more on the psychosocial characteristics of personality development and explains general development as well. While Erikson’s theory consists of new ideas, he pointed out that adult stages of development exist in…
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