Psychotherapies for a Victim of Child Abuse

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Throughout our life we come across a variety of obstacles, they can range from facing your fear of spiders or overcoming a lifestyle of bad decisions. For every problem, there is almost always a solution, and in order to reach the solution you must locate the underlying issue. Sometimes people will doubt that such issues exist, but once they have discovered their predicaments they tend to look for help. Say for instance a young girl named Annabel was badly beaten as a child, she then grew up having an addiction problem to heavy drugs. Looking for a way to escape her past, and neglecting to face her fears, her addiction began to climax. Later resulting in a near death experience, that sent her on a journey to recovery. There are several different psychotherapies that she could look into in order to get the assistance she needs such as: psychodynamic, client-centered, counterconditioning, or cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. Each therapy is unique in their own way and potentially suitable for Annabel. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a form of therapy that focuses primarily on revealing the unconscious content of the client. The therapist forms a bond with the patient which allows the patient to trust and become more willing to talk about their self. When someone is involved in psychodynamic therapy they have a increase in self esteem, they begin to focus on recognizing and expressing feelings, and they develop the ability to have more satisfying relationships. If Annabel
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