Psychotherapy And Pharmaceutical Treatments Are Far More

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Psychotherapy and pharmaceutical treatments are far more humane than past methods for treating mental illnesses. One scene in Shutter Island where these advancements can be seen is a conversation early in the film, between Teddy and Dr. Cawley. The doctor is still familiarizing Teddy with the facility, and he explains how patients were treated in the past versus the new psychotherapy treatment performed on the island. He begins by explaining that in the past it “used to be the kind of patients we deal with here were shackled and left in their own filth. They were beaten, as if whipping them bloody would drive the psychosis out.” Since the film took place not long after World War II, it was only recently that doctors began using…show more content…
This procedure was described by Tacie Dejanikus in her article, Psychosurgery: Lobotomies Again as “swishing an ice pick around behind the eyeballs to destroy portions of the brain 's frontal lobe” (3). This may not be a very scientific description, but if it perfectly sums up the procedure, emphasizing how imprecise the operation was at the time. It occasionally appeared to help the illness, however they had a down side. In another article, written by Maddy Simpson, she states that “Lobotomies often left the patient with a low brain capacity and unable to live independently” (1). Although their popularity had faded over the years, they are still practiced today as a last resort option. In Shutter Island the lighthouse is depicted as a haunting, mysterious place and is suspected of containing a secret, which is partially true. Teddy’s conspiracy, which is part of his delusion, is centered on the lighthouse being the location of the Nazi like experiments performed by the staff. Just like the names of Teddy’s made up characters being anagrams for who they represent, each aspect of the delusion is based off partial truths from reality. Andrew Laeddis did kill Teddy’s wife, however Andrew Laeddis is just the anagram for Edward Daniels. Rachel Solando represents Teddy’s wife, both of whom drown their three kids. Also, the lighthouse, which is believed to host cruel experiments, is where the lobotomies are
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