Psychotherapy And The Coach-Client Relationship

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The coach-client relationship has often been compared and contrasted with the counselling and psychotherapy relationship (O’Broin and Palmer, 2008) with emphasis placed on the importance of the quality of this relationship (Muran and Barber, 2010; Norcross, 2010). Coaching literature confirms the link between creating a strong coach-client alliance (O’Broin and Palmer, 2008) and positive client outcomes. Developmental and contemporary theorists acknowledge the essential need for relationship (Fairbairn, 1974; Stern, 1985), as well as the sometimes opposing need for individuation (Mahler, Pine & Bergman, 1975) that is active over the life span (Johnson, 1994). Antoszkiewicz (2000) highlighted two approaches to human development: Individualism
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