Psychotherapy Essay

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Should the Government enforce psychologist to prescribe both psychotherapy and medicine for mental patients? Most researchers say psychotherapy will no longer be needed because the medication can take its place (Psychotherapy is a general term for treating mental health problems by talking with a psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health provider. During psychotherapy, you learn about your condition and your moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors.-Mayo Clinic) Psychotherapy should not be eliminated for mental patients; both medication and therapy should be used for helping the patient. The medicine should help control the patient's problem, but not their attitude, however psychotherapy helps the problem being dealt with and their attitude. Psychotherapy also helps the patients express themselves; meanwhile the medicine prescribed to these patients will make them quiet, sleepy and sometimes even give them a depression. Long since World War 1 much research has been done into whether mental patients should have medicine or…show more content…
Psychotherapy has a treatment plan which allows it to be flexible, making the patient more comfortable with the doctor leading to better rehabilitation. As Bruce E. Wampold, PhD said “Every treatment provides an explanation for the distress that is adaptive” Many times a patient would like to know more about the problem that is causing so much distress and medicine can surely help calm the anxiety and/or depression but it cannot help with problems like OCD (obsessive Compulsive Disorder) however, the medicine will not show the patient how to fight against this problem. Yet if the patient does not work collaboratively along with the therapist it will be of no help like Bruce E. Wampold, PhD said “The critical aspect is not which treatment a person receives but rather that the patient believes this particular treatment is effective and works collaboratively with the
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