Psychotherapy Essay

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My preferred theoretical orientation is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The main assumption of CBT is that events and situations in life do not cause emotional problems (e.g., guilt or depression); rather problems are a by-product irrational beliefs and perceptions about the situations (Corey, 2009). The goals of CBT focus on correcting the client’s automatic and self-defeating thoughts, which should ultimately help them to develop a more adaptive philosophy of life (Corey, 2009). CBT focuses on putting insight into action, so by creating insight and changing thoughts the client should be able to understand and modify their behaviors and emotions. I like that this approach focuses on challenging and changing the client’s cognitive…show more content…
In general, there is a lot of empirical support for cognitive behavior therapy, since it is very structured and fits well with the scientific method. CBT has many testable techniques and the outcomes (e.g., behavior changes) are easily measured. Nevertheless, the most common criticism of CBT is that the empirically validated experiments and treatment outcomes cannot generalize into actual use in clinical practice (Craske & Zucker, 2001). Practicing clinicians often indicate that the stringent controls involved in the empirical research are not present in the real world accounts. However, due to the empirically validated techniques, CBT is more readily accepted and reimbursed via managed care and insurance companies (Hopko & Hopko, 1999). Additionally, opponents of CBT argue against manualized techniques because clients do not come into therapy with only one problem that allows for a straightforward diagnosis and treatment. Often treatments need to be adapted to fit the client, given that the client likely has several problems or diagnoses that need to be taken into account. However, CBT has been found to be successful with different types of disorders, which may allow for the successful treatment of individuals with comorbid problems (Beck, 1993). CBT is criticized for being too simplistic and superficial by downplaying
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