Psychotherapy : Therapy For Individuals

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Psychotherapy Therapy for individuals You may be aware that your personal issues are getting in the way of living the kind of life you want. Counselling can help you discover better ways to cope. Do you resolve to change your behaviour, so that things will turn out differently, but eventually find yourself caught up in old patterns?
despite your effort to change your behaviour, the result are not effecting the kind of change you desire? We provide counselling for depression, anxiety, OCD, grief, abuse, anger, stress, family conflict, adjustment issues and more. Please see our contact me page where you can read about each counsellor and their specialities Each of the counsellors on staff shares the belief that our clients possess the skills within them to find wholeness. As your therapist, we see our job as coming along side of you, to walk with you as you discover who you are and what makes you you. We do not view behaviours as good or bad, right or wrong, but rather see behaviours as having valuable information to teach us about you and what makes you tick. The feelings of shame that come with angry outburst, infidelity, depression, addictions and marriage problems can cause people to avoid getting help or even admitting to themselves or others they have a problem. Counselling can be a safe place to examine, without shame, the behaviour and how it has come to be a part of your life. Seeing a counsellor for the first time? I have never been to therapy, can you give
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