Psychotherapy: Three Principles of the Analysis of Transference

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Three principles of the analysis of transference are proposed: known as a process of change, redirection or alteration, transference can be a very effective implement in psychotherapy. With the research and opinions of therapist and journalist ranging from Ryan Howes Ph.D., Mark Dombeck Ph.D., Dr. Henriette T. Glatzer and Dr. Angela Molnos, there will be in depth definitions, explanations and reasoning as to why and how transference works. There are numerous examples of transference reactions and how it takes place in group psychotherapy. Being recognized as a universal mental mechanism transference can easily emerge in group treatment. There are some group therapists who agree that transference is a primary mechanism in group…show more content…
These conditions cannot help but produce regression to an infantile state. (Ida Macalpine M.D. 1950 Psychoanalytic Quarterly) I’ve also found that based on Freud’s opinion that when an individual becomes part of a group, his unconscious mental processes tend to dominate his conscious ones. There are therapist though who argue that transference can emerge easily in group treatment. Some group therapists agree that transference is a primary mechanism in group psychotherapy and one from which all other therapeutic dynamics stem. There are yet and still other therapists that assert that since group therapy is less artificial than individual therapy, transference is hastened. A lot of group therapist feels that the mutual support among patients reduces anxiety and lowers resistance. After reading Wolf’s opinion I’ve found that one of the most important periods in group analysis is the recognition and resolution of the transference. After reading an entry by Mark Dombeck PH.D., I’ve learned that in his opinion one of the most important concepts associated with the psychodynamic tradition is the idea of transference. Transference in this case is an understanding of a person. Where it is being transferred to is onto another person. When transference is occurring, basically what is happening is that we are trying to understand someone (usually someone we don't know very well) by making an assumption that they are similar to
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