Psychotherapy and Depression Essay

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Introduction Major depression, in itself, is a debilitating mental disorder that negatively impacts most or all aspects of a sufferer’s life and often times can even lead to suicide. Just to give a few numbers, at least 1 million people worldwide every year take their own life (Hawton and Heeringen 1372-81), half of which are caused by the possession and improper or unsuccessful treatment of major depression (Chehil and Kutcher 30-33). In light of these dark statistics, the benefits and limitations of the main treatments for major depression, antidepressants and psychotherapy, are not only worth investigation, but with thousands of lives on line, vital to the human race. However, to take it further, there is much to be said of human…show more content…
A person diagnosed with major depression suffers from an overall pessimistic mood, the inability to experience pleasure in activities formerly enjoyed, and eating and sleeping abnormalities. They often overthink about their perceived worthlessness, guilt, regret, hopelessness, and self-hatred. Sufferers may also experience irritability, restlessness, lowered libido, trouble concentrating or making decisions, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems. Many times depression can lead to suicidal thoughts and has been the culprit for countless times of sufferers taking their own life. Major depression, however, is not usually this straightforward. Different factors such as culture, gender, age, and race can all come into play when it comes to recognizing and diagnosing major depression. Because of the Australian culture and mindset, only one out of every five Australians with depression are accurately diagnosed because their symptoms are more somatic—the depression masks itself as a physical ailment such as achiness, restlessness, or fatigue (“Depression”). Worldwide, women have a 70% higher chance than men of experiencing major depression sometime during their life (Kessler 3095-105). However, a 1997 study
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