Psychotherapy for Mental Health

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According to Medical News Today, psychotherapy is a series of techniques for treating mental health, emotional and some psychiatric disorders ( This website also says that is helps people understand what makes them happy or anxious and find their strong and weak points. There are various types of psychotherapy treatment such as cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. However there is a rising question whether it is effective or not. Is talking to someone about your problems really effective? In most patients’ opinions, it is effective, and there are many proofs to support it. It is shown to heal patient’s troubles after they underwent treatment. Psychotherapy, in the long run, is preferred over drugs. Although this is all proven, studies show that in recent years it has decreased ( The American Psychological Association, the largest psychology organization in the United States, published an article with many researching psychotherapists that bring cases where psychotherapy is used and many patients found it effective. It wasn’t only tested on adults but it was also tested on children, on minorities, on different social classes and people with chronic pain. All have shown psychotherapy to be effective and psychotherapy was also compared to other types of psychological treatments such as
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