Psychotherapy is the Practice of Psychology, by Lee Sechrest and Bradley Smith

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Lee Sechrest and Bradley Smith (2012), in their article “Psychotherapy is the Practice of Psychology,” present a compelling argument for the complete integration of the aspects of theory, research, and practice of psychotherapy into the discipline of psychology. The authors define integration as the “[unification] of a body of knowledge in systematic way that is coherent and heuristic” (Sechrest & Smith, 2012, p. 170). The article claims full integration of psychotherapy into psychology would create a discipline rooted in science, grounded by a large body of knowledge and theory, and abled to be more flexible and innovative (Sechrest & Smith, 2012). Details regarding the multiple barriers which have prevented integration are presented.…show more content…
One psychologist cannot possibly know everything about the entire field of psychology. Instead, integration would involve communication between professionals with overlapping bases of knowledge. Second, real differences exist between different psychological disciplines. Difficulties may exist in the communication between fields differing greatly in problems, measurement, intervention, and theories. While some fields may have difficulties, others with commonalities in the previous aspects can more easily achieve integration. Lastly, the quality of some information may not lead to easy integration. Some experimental results may not be generalizable across disciplines, but with the use of sound methods and attention to patterns in results, integration is possible.
The possible obstacles may hinder integration. First, the authors claim that defined boundaries between disciplines create gaps in knowledge and prevent the collaboration of information. Overspecialization furthers these issues by creating more and more distinct psychological disciplines.
While “Psychotherapy is the Practice of Psychology” is eloquently argued and formally presented, the need for such a rigid presentation of this proposition is perplexing. The argument for the priority of psychotherapy and the benefits of integration should be self-evident. The history of the field of psychology and several of the theories used within it should make such a statement of principle unnecessary. In

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