Psychotic-Like Experiences Paper

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A study by Taylor, Freeman, Gregory and Ronald, (2015) compared sleep disturbances and psychotic-like experiences in teens and whether they share hereditary or environmental effects. The study’s purpose is to find a positive correlation amongst sleep disturbances and psychotic-like experiences (PLEs) in 16-year-old monozygotic and dizygotic twins. The overall design of this experiment was to gather psychotic-like experiences data from twins using the Specific Psychotic Experiences Questionnaire. The questionnaire asked various questions about each psychotic-like experiences’ characteristics and participants filled them out accordingly to what applied to each individual; the completed questionnaire was sent to be analyzed by researchers (Taylor et al., 2015).…show more content…
Sleep disturbances were measured by the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, a 17 question questionnaire that allowed the participants to self assess their sleep qualities (Taylor et al., 2015). According to the study (Taylor et al., 2015) phenotypic analyses resulted in “Paranoia, Hallucinations, and Cognitive Disorganization displayed moderate, significant correlations with both sleep measures. Negative Symptoms and Anhedonia correlated less strongly, while Grandiosity did not show significant correlations” (p.677). The study found that hallucinations and paranoia compared to cognitive disorganization had a positive correlation with sleep disturbances (Taylor et al.,
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