Psycological Review of the Soloist Essay

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The Soloist:
Psychological Movie Review

The Motion picture “The Soloist” is about L.A. Times writer Steve Lopez discovering a musically gifted homeless man named Nathaniel Ayers. Desperately needing to catch a deadline Mr. Lopez considers writing a story about Nathaniel. While researching Mr. Lopez begins to discover interesting things about the talented musician. Nathanial Ayers was accepted to The Julliard’s School of music, the most prestige school for music in North America. After one year at Julliard Nathanial dropped out, it turns out that Nathanial had a case of Paranoid Schizophrenia that forced him into a spiral of madness, which soon caused him to become homeless and lose a chance at becoming on of the greatest musicians of
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Although this symptom is most common with ADD and ADHD, in combination with the symptom of hearing voices it pushes the viewer to believe that Nathanial does indeed have Paranoid Schizophrenia.
The role of Nathanial Ayers was played by Jamie Foxx, and in playing that large role Mr. Foxx had to portray schizophrenic illness in the most accurate way. For the most part, Mr. Foxx did an excellent job at illustrating how the voices in a Schizophrenic’s head can be extremely loud and damaging. In saying that there were however some mistakes in the portrayal of a Schizophrenic, for example real schizophrenics do not think they are crazy, they feel more reality impaired like a blind person is visually impaired. The movie showed that Nathanial knew he was crazy, but still acted as if he was not. Although in some ways the schizophrenic illness was well shown in the movie, there still were some mistakes in the proper portrayal of a real schizophrenic. In the movie Nathanial is in denial of having any sort of sickness, and refuses any medical help from his mental disorder. Steven Lopez believes that Nathanial does need some sort of medical help and in the movie resorts to many methods to treat Nathanial’s Schizophrenia. First Mr. Lopez brings Nathanial to a homeless shelter for the mentally disabled named Lamp, in hope that they will provide him with medication. Unfortunately Lamp can only give medication to Nathanial

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