Pt1420 Unit 18 Study

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18 study data were derived from the apnea database (PhysioNet) corresponding to MIT/BIH database. AirFlow, SaO2, Abdominal and Thoracic Movements were obtained from full PSG records. Each record includes a period of nearly eight hours and signals annotation is done minute-by-minute. A minute is labeled as an apnea case if it contains at least one condition of apnea or hypopnea, otherwise labeled as a non-apnea. The patients mean age and weight are between 27 to 63 years (4810.8) and 53 to 135 kg (86.322.2), respectively. PhysioNet data are classified in two categories: Apnea Group (Class A, more than 100 minutes of apnea, mean age: 50 years in range of 29 to 63 years) and Normal Group (class C, less than 5 minutes of apnea, mean age of 33 years
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