Pt1420 Unit 2 Assignment

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This week was a little harder comparing to last; well it is expected because we are getting more into how to create a more dependable database. The topics for this week were “The problem of redundancy, Decompositions, Functional Dependencies and normal forms. We learned how to recognize and avoid the problem redundancy in database along with how to convert database schema into first, second, third normal forms. A lot of material to read, I was glad about the complementing videos provided since they that are really easy to follow, providing great help to clarify the subject. The discussion forum good quality as usual, everyone explaining the topics and providing examples and tables to make it even easier to understand. Always looking forward…show more content…
This week, good feelings, everything that I was doing was making sense so I am only hoping that pretty soon everything will get easier. Well, that will be I the perfect world so I better keep on studying and do my best each week. 5) Describe what you learned. I learned how to decompose a relation and what characteristics they keep acquiring base to the point of making everything table simple to understand but always keeping the integrity and proper function in the relation. 6) What happened that felt particularly challenging? Why was it challenging to me? The challenging part was actually trying to understand what will be the best way to break a relation down into multiple relations without jeopardizing the integrity of the data at the same time. As I mention before it is not hard to do it but you really have to know how to do it. 7) What skills and knowledge do I recognize that I am gaining? Attention to detail, dealing with databases means not always getting the expected results. Some times you have to modify tables multiple times before you get the correct outputs so attention to detail is a main factor when you are dealing specially with large databases. 8) What am I realizing about myself as a

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