Pt2520 Week 1 Assignment

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Global Strategy Stage Assessment (GloSS) and Individual Knowledge Assessment of Number (IKAN)
The TLE GADOE (2016) states that the Individual Assessment of Number (IKAN) helps to identify student’s basic number knowledge. In contrast, the Global Strategy Stage Assessment (GloSS) assesses a student’s capability to use math strategies and identifies the mental processes students use to answers and solve operational problems with numbers (TLE GADOE, 2016). The assessments consist of a series of interview strategy and number questions which should be administered to individual students which is administered at least three times a year. The students are then assigned an overall Strategy Stage based on their responses to the questions in the interview (TLE GADOE, 2016). The series of questions increase in
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Teachers are able to target the learning gaps by developing a plan of action based on the needs for our students. Verbiest (2014) and Hershkovitz (2015) argue data is used to tailor (how we sever students, how we offer support, types of support, what resources we need to invest on, whether we take a student to students needs with our school psychologist) instruction for students in all content areas in an effort to increase student achievement. As a result, the school can provide specific professional learning, support, and resources to teachers based on the needs and areas of weakness of our students (Fox, 2001). As lifelong learners, teachers recognize that their professional practice continues to evolve as they reflect and act on new information. If teachers have information that helps them confidently identify the root of educational challenges and track progress, they can more readily develop action plans that will have a positive impact on their students’ achievement (Halverson et al.,
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