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The day I attended physical therapy for a broken arm was the day I wanted to get into physical therapy. It taught me techniques to help me regain control of something that I have lost temporary of like an arm or leg. That day when I attended physical therapy was the day my life changed and only for the better, I hope. This is a career which I want to pursue and become part of. To start my career I would like to become a physical therapist assistant to learn the fundamentals and then later, move to become a physical therapist, and maybe have someone assist me. But to become a physical therapist assistant or PTA one must complete a program and have excellent grades to achieve this goal. The physical therapy assistant is a graduate of a…show more content…
(David Hayes ,1998). According to the Physical Therapist Assistants (2007), "There were, 238 accredited physical therapist assistant programs in the United States as of 2004. Accredited physical therapist assistant programs are designed to last 2 years, or 4 semesters, and culminate in an associate degree." Programs are divided into academic study and hands-on clinical experience. Academic course work includes algebra, anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, and psychology. Many programs require that students complete a semester of anatomy and physiology and have certifications in CPR and other first aid even before they begin their clinical field experience. (Physical Therapist Assistants ,2007) Both educators and employers view clinical experience to ensure that students understand the responsibilities of a physical therapist assistant. Employers typically require physical therapist aides to have a high school diploma, strong interpersonal skills, and a desire to assist people in need. Most employers provide clinical on-the-job training. Next let 's look at employment in physical therapy. Physical therapist assistants and aides held about 101,000 jobs in 2004. (Physical Therapist Assistants ,2007). Physical therapist assistants held about 59,000 jobs, physical therapist aides approximately 43,000 (Physical Therapist Assistants ,2007). Both work with physical therapists in a variety of settings. David Hayes (1998) states that, "About 60 percent of jobs
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