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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Internship Complementation Report Wireless & Transmission FTRP Faisalabad Submitted by: ABDUL BASIT BSc Electrical Engineering (2010-14) Registration No. 2010-GCUF-4180-522 Government College University Faisalabad Submitted to: Mr. Muhammad Mehmood Manager, MSC Wireless FTRP Faisalabad Contents Topic | Page No. | Background | 3 | Introduction | 3 | Wireless Communication General Process | 4 | Fundamental of Cellular Communication | 4 | Speed affecting factors in Wireless communication | 6 | Multiple Access Schemes | 6 | Code Division Multiple Access Schemes | 6 | Wireless Local Loop | 9 |…show more content…
Each user operates independently with no knowledge of the other users. Thus, not only all users in the same cell share all the time-frequency degrees of freedom, so do the users in different cells. Wireless Communication General Process Figure 1: General Process of Wireless Communication Fundamentals of Cellular Communication The area served by Mobile phones is divided into small areas known as cells. Each Cell contains a base station which communicates with the mobiles in the cells. There are two types of transmission downstream and upstream. The transmission from the base station to the mobile is called downs stream, forward link or downlinks. While the transmission from the mobile to base station is referred to as upstream, reverse link or uplink. There are certain terminologies associated with the Mobile Communication, which is given below with the Brief description to understand how the communication is actually done. MS Mobile Station which can originate or receive calls and can communicate with the concerned BTS. BTS The Base Transceiver Station has the radio transceivers that defines a cell and handles the radio link protocol with the Mobile Station. The BTS transmit and receive signals realizing the communication between radio system and Mobile Station. BSC The Base Station Controller manages the radio resources of one or more BTS. It controls the Call connection and disconnection. It deals with the mobility management; it deals with the
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