Ptlls Assignment 1 Roles and Responsibilities Essay

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Lifelong Learning Sector Lifelong learning sector covers adult education (16+) outside universities and takes place in further education colleges, adult and community learning centres, work-bases, libraries, archives and information centres, the forces, NHS, prisons, private colleges. The learners range widely in their ages, interests, abilities, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, etc. Teacher’s Roles and Responsibilities Our role as ESOL teachers is extremely diverse and includes many other aspects outside teaching in class, e.g. we can be a subject leader, a manager of learning resources, a curriculum developer, a tutor, an assessor, an advice giver, an administrator, a record keeper, an interviewer (Francis & Gould, 2009,…show more content…
As an ESOL teacher, I will be required to explain fire evacuation procedure pointing out to the nearest fire exit and keeping a register in case of fire, check the classroom before and after the lesson, ensure appropriate ventilation and lighting. Equality Act 2006 ESOL teachers should ensure that all learners are treated equally and have equal opportunities regardless of their race, sex, cultural background and abilities. During the observed lesson, the teacher treated the learners with equal respect, he gave them equal opportunities to participate in the activities and discussions, he listened to everyone and respected their views and opinions. The class was conducted taking into account the multicultural nature of the class and different backgrounds of the students. Boundaries When our responsibilities are clearly defined in the job description, during induction process and in instructions and guidelines, it ensures clear understanding and co-operation, effective working relationships, positive psychological environment and smooth running of all aspects of teaching/learning process. The Institute for Learning (IfL) is responsible for enforcing the Code Of Professional Practice introduced in April 2008 to regulate the activities of
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