Ptlls L 4 Unit 009 Essay

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James Pitman Level 4 PTLLS Unit 009 Oct/Nov 2012 Analyse learning and teaching strategies used in own specialism Strategy | Strengths | Weaknesses | Group discussion | A good way of exploring a topic in depthUseful to assess a learners knowledge and understanding of the topicAll learners can be encouraged to be involvedDiverse characteristics and backgrounds of learners will ensure a well rounded view | Some learners may not feel confident contributing – good ice-breaker required Other learners may dominate discussion – teacher facilitation important Easy to digress from topic – ground rules and teacher facilitation important | Role play | A good way of gaining a well rounded viewEncourages learners to be active and think…show more content…
It’s also important, due to the diversity of my learners, that I incorporate different styles of learning. I often start a discussion with a short DVD that depicting an interview situation (visual learners) then continue with a discussion (aural), and finish with a role play (kinaesthetic). Evaluate aspects of inclusive learning * Taking an inclusive approach to learning ensures that any student albeit long term unemployed can access [learning] to the best of their potential ability .Inclusive learning is when the teacher reduces any boundaries that may prevent a student from being included in learning. * I work with large groups of learners, with a diverse age range, who might not have been in a learning or classroom environment for many years. Therefore, it’s essential that I conduct a thorough initial assessment along with college initial innumeracy and literacy assessments to identify potential barriers to learning and remove them as far as possible. * To ensure all learners are included in activities, I devise different ways of getting everyone in the room involved –differentiation. Topics of employability can be sensitive because there will be people in the room who’ve had bad experienced such as redundancy or treated badly by the

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