Ptlls Level 4 the Importance of Record Keeping Essays

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Record keeping is an important key role of a teacher and the main aspect is to assist planning and set future learning goals to the learner. Records may contain learner’s information as well as teacher’s observation on the learner’s performance. They need to continually reassess to meet changing needs, e.g. personal situations may change and they may need to be considered to assist the learner to complete their studies/training. Records can also assist the teacher or college to evaluate the teaching programme, in other words, whether the teacher needs to improve or redesign any aspects of their teaching or the programme. Good and accurate records are important for teachers, learners, verifiers, training providers, and inspectors and for…show more content…
By monitoring students’ achievements, skills, abilities and progress, through regular assessment, a teacher can closely follow their progress. Through assessment the teacher can identify any special needs which require further attention. By keeping records on students special needs, will enable the teacher to design more tailored solutions/control measures to assist the student in achieving their goals. According to A. Gravells, (PTLLS: 88-89), you need to keep records of how your learners are progressing. If you mark a test or observe a task, how can you prove your learner has achieved something if they lose their work? Each time you mark or assess your learners’ work, completing an individual feedback record of your decisions will show:- • Who was assessed • What was assessed • When assessment took place • Where assessment took place • Why assessment took place • How assessment took place These records will identify if further action is required and, if so, a record of the action should be completed. Keeping records of lesson plans and scheme of work enables the teacher to reflect on how their lessons are progressing. This form of record has the benefit of allowing the teacher to critically evaluate the lesson on an individual basis and the teaching techniques they use to transmit knowledge. It carries the possibility to assist in the development of new teaching tactics and to continuously monitor where/who
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