Ptlls Task 5 - Assessment and Record Keeping

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Task 5: How would you assess students’ skills and knowledge? What records do a teacher/trainer need to keep, and why is it important? Assessment is the process of establishing the nature and quality of our students’ learning and measuring whether learning has actually taken place. Assessment is a key part of the teaching cycle because it enables us to measure achievement against set standards in order to ascertain if our trainees have acquired the skills and knowledge needed at a given stage of training, to diagnose learning needs and to select for further training. It is also the means by which we measure learning at the end of a course and certificate achievements. The teaching cycle begins with an initial assessment. This…show more content…
the quality of learning rather than someone’s memory or ability to write prose. Reliable assessments will be replicable, with consistent methods and criteria that will yield the same results on re-test and similar results with a different group of trainees. Validity and reliability should guarantee a degree of fairness, but we also need to ensure all trainees have an equal chance of getting the best results by providing alternative materials or formats, extra time and so on where needed. Assessment can take many forms, the most common being: Written tests and exams Practical tasks and demonstrations Presentation and observation Assignments, projects and essays Self assessment Ipsetive assessment (comparing to the baseline or previous performance of the same task) Question and Answer sessions (used to check understanding and share information). Assessment and record keeping go hand in hand because without a record, all assessments lose their value and meaning very quickly. From the initial assessment and diagnostics through to final qualifications, keeping records of the assessment process enables us to measure success (both of the teaching and the trainees), track progress, ensure we are providing the appropriate support and maintain consistency. In addition to the assessment process, records also enable us to share information with appropriate people, monitor
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