Ptlls Understanding of Inclusive Learning and How Inclusive Learning Approaches Suppotrs Learners

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In inclusive learning we need to consider the diversity of a student body and make efforts not to exclude anyone be it intended or unintended. “Some students could feel excluded during your session if their particular needs are not met,” Gravells (2012:56). Inclusive learning is simply “involving all students, treating them equally and fairly,” Gravells (2012:56). The field of self-defence includes physical, philosophical and physiological elements which allows for a large range of learning and teaching strategies. A new course would begin with the filling out of an enrolment form and discussions which give participants an initial platform to put across any concerns or specific needs, the initial discussion can also be used as an…show more content…
“Students seem keen to fit in at university and tend to focus on the similarities between themselves and other students. But when it comes to classroom learning, they value having their individual academic and social identities acknowledged and their particular needs addressed.” Hockings (2008:3) • Inclusivity: It is of importance that the tutor makes all efforts to include all students in the learning environment. Correctly planning lessons, creating a friendly non judgmental atmosphere and including a range of teaching styles will help learners feel included. By understanding the needs of the individual, social, physical and academic the tutor can eliminate any feelings of exclusion. • Diversity: Everyone is different and these differences need to be valued, the tolerance of different cultures, beliefs, races, ages and gender to name a few, needs to be of importance not only to the tutor but the students as well. Creating a classroom atmosphere of valuing and understanding individual experiences and views can be achieved through ground rules and by the example set by the tutor. • Differentiation: With the understanding that all students are different the tutor will need to plan the lessons around these differences by using the various teaching methods available or acquiring the resources that will make the students learning experience a productive one. The inclusion of inclusive learning

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