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1 Becoming a professional in the lifelong learning sector – roles, responsibilities and boundaries Chapter overview When you have worked through this chapter on becoming a professional you will be able to: Describe what is meant by the ‘lifelong learning sector’ Explain the current drive towards professionalism in the lifelong learning sector and its implications for those working in it Review the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of professionals in the sector Identify other points of referral to meet the potential needs of learners Recognise key aspects of relevant current legislative requirements and codes of practice relevant to your own context Teaching in the lifelong learning sector If you are reading this…show more content…
Roles and responsibilities of teachers in the lifelong learning sector In this section we will begin to consider your work in the lifelong learning sector. As we have seen above, it is a much more diverse sector than the school sector. We will focus on the following two questions: 1 What roles are you expected to fulfil? 2 What are the specific responsibilities and boundaries associated with these roles? When we talk about a ‘role’ most people instantly think of playing a part, or acting in some capacity. A role involves some idea of expected behaviour associated with a position. You will have expectations of the learners or students that you will teach, train, assess or tutor. These may include an expectation that they will study and undergo assessments. When we look at the role of a teacher, trainer, assessor or tutor we find that there is body of agreed expectations associated with these roles. Activity 1.1 What do you expect someone who is a lecturer, teacher, trainer, assessor or tutor in the lifelong learning sector to do? Francis-3811-Ch-01:Sample-Francis-3811 6 11/17/2008 6:25 PM Page 6 ACHIEVING YOUR PTLLS AWARDS N ow look at these three examples of a typical day of a lifelong learning professional: Case study 1 Assessor in the workplace Travel to employer premises Review a portfolio Meet an NVQ candidate and check underpinning knowledge Discuss learner progress

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