Ptolemy's Influence On Astronomy

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for why the earth is spherical but he didn’t get all his theories right. Ptolemy tried to use his same reasoning and argument that he used to prove that the earth is spherical to prove that the earth is also at the center of the universe, a geocentric theory. Ptolemy was wrong about the geocentricism but he came to that conclusion using what evidence he had available to him at the time and he would also have been under pressure from the church to produce a theory that agreed with their ideal ideas of the universe. In some cases, Ptolemy was successful in explaining some of the unknown mysteries of the natural world around him, but in other cases, he was drastically wrong. Despite being a brilliant philosopher, astrologer, and mathematician…show more content…
Trying to change scientific theories would not be easy nor would it a safe. “Deeply held convictions had so to be broken in order to arrive at the formation of Galileo and Newton’s ‘classical physics,’ and it was the apparent self-evidence of these convictions that posed a great obstacle to the foundation of modern science. Commonly held ideas were plain not only because they appealed strongly to common sense.” It was hard for the uneducated man to wrap his head around ideas and theories that didn’t have a clear solution or that could be explained with experience. There were a couple theories that were hard to disprove just because they made a lot of sense and seemed to be reasonably explained with empirical data and observations. A good example of this is the explanations used to explain why bodies fall to the ground, bodies fall because they have a heaviness about them and tend to fall towards their natural position at the center of the universe. That is why everything moves towards the Earth because the Earth is at the center of the universe. This theory motion is also intrinsic, which means that the heavier the object the faster it moves towards the center of the universe. Such theories were easy to explain and easy to visually see and experience in everyday life and seemed to be true. The theory of intrinsic motion can be explained simply by dropping a feather and a large stone simultaneously and it could be easily perceived that heavier object is indeed falling faster. We know that this is not true thanks to the conurbations made by Galileo to the scientific study of gravity that objects accelerate downward at the same rate regardless of mass. This discovery is easily demonstrated which is exactly what Galileo did when he dropped two balls of different mass and proved that they hit the ground at the same
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