Ptsd Case Study

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been deemed breakthrough therapy by the Food and Drug Administration. The introduction of promising research from ecstasy to treat PTSD has allowed doors for researchers to begin working with LSD which is commonly called magic mushrooms that have shown a lot of promise in producing affective medications for combating PTSD. Along with these promising medications we also need to look at the home life of the veterans, a lot of veterans are either very old and have little family or do not have that family support system that are crucial in the healing process. Receiving treatment and therapy is crucial but if you do not have a strong support system it would be easy for veterans to slip down through the cracks which would allow PTSD to win the…show more content…
After an interview with Kelly he stated that “people with PTSD can’t socialize” now this was a statement that was used out of a belief that all people with PTSD cannot socialize instead of doing what a proper person would do and personally sit down with Andrade and see just where he was mentally Kelly disapproves and disqualifies the application on the fact he saw PTSD written on Andrade’s disability credit. After this Andrade hired psychologist Mark D. Lerner who would review the case, study notes then produce a conclusion that Andrade would be happy to hear. Lerner concluded that there is no supporting evidence after the evaluation that presented any reason for disqualification. What would have happened if this veteran wouldn’t have fought against the system? What would the government do? Prescribe therapy or medications that leave people to sit on a couch all day? I don’t believe that is what our veterans deserve nor do I think we should be pumping medications that do nothing more than cause increased damage to the person. What happens when you take someone who had such a love of the outdoors and completely change their lives though traumatic events? That’s exactly what happened to Susan Max in the article Back from War, Fear and danger fill driver’s seat, written by author James Dao. Max would return home from a combat tour in Iraq that would change her life forever, cramped parking lots are typically a
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