Ptsd From Spine Surgery : A Research Proposal

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PTSD Resulting From Spine Surgery: A Research Proposal
Brendan Remus
Mercer University School of Medicine

PTSD Resulting From Spine Surgery:
A Research Proposal
Study Rational Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an interesting disorder because it has an identifiable starting point and a variable progression which can be characterized by spontaneous recovery or worsening symptoms. Although the progression is interesting, I have an interest in the acquisition of the disorder. I believe that invasive medical procedures with and without anesthesia can produce sub clinical PTSD which meet all of the symptoms except for criteria a, exposure. I have available to me a population of patients receiving surgeries which vary in invasiveness from outpatient procedures to craniotomies which require a week in recovery. I believe that observing the development of PTSD in a sample of these patients could produce some interesting findings relating surgery invasiveness to PTSD development. To my knowledge no study has done between group comparisons of different types of back surgeries and resulting psychological distress. Beyond concerns of patient health and wellbeing there is a financial cost to mental illnesses. A study at the Georgia Neurosurgical Institute (GNI) revealed that patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders stayed half a day longer for inpatient procedures (Floyd & Sanoufa, in press). The costs associated with anxiety disorders at GNI are not

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