Ptsd Or Traumatic Stress Disorder

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PTSD or (post traumatic stress disorder) is a relatively new diagnosis but the concept of it has somewhat been of a long history. It was often linked to people who have been exposed to combat or have involved in maternal disasters, mass catastrophes, and or serious accidents, Although little has been learned about the disorder in 1952 the first diagnosis appeared in the official nomenclature when diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. But later changed In the midst of the Vietnam war when more cases started popping up, so much in fact provoked a more thorough examination of the disorder. Before the name was created it was defined specifically as a stress disorder that is a common pathway occurring as a consequence…show more content…
For example, you may hear a car backfire and relive combat experiences. Or you may see a report on the news about a sexual assault and feel overcome by memories of your own assault. But to those who PTSD should not feel like there is no way out with plenty of treatment those with the disorder can/will live healthy normal lives. The first treatment is Cognitive Therapy this type of talk therapy helps you recognize the ways of thinking that are keeping you trapped. for example, negative or inaccurate ways of perceiving normal situations, For PTSD, cognitive therapy is sometimes used with exposure therapy. Exposure Therapy is a behavioral therapy that helps you safely face what you find scary so that you can learn to deal with it effectively. One approach to exposure therapy is virtual reality which allow you to re-enter the setting in which you experienced trauma. And the last form of treatment is a combination of both exposure therapy and a series of guided eye movement that helps process traumatic memories and change how you react to traumatic memories and this is called Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. But to those who don 't like therapy-style treatment there are different types of anti-depressants that can help with some of the symptoms. Like for depression or anxiety a person would take Paxil or Zoloft. And if you don 't have depression but a severe case of anxiety you would look more in taking
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