Ptsd, The Price Of Freedom

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PTSD, the Price of Freedom Freedom bears a heavy price. Many soldiers pay with their lives, while others relive the sights, sounds, and terror of combat. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects thousands of American veterans each year. Is PTSD simply a weakness, or is it an epidemic? Though historically, the validity of PTSD has been argued, the pain is real, and there is a diagnosis to prove it. Combat-related PTSD stems from witnessing the suffering and death of others, and the exposure of destruction, personal danger, and injury. Heightened risk may also result from a soldier’s specific role in war. One study of Vietnam soldiers provides insight on potential risk factors, and reveals an unexpected contributor to the development of PTSD. This study suggests that those who suffered the worst cases of PTSD had sustained stressful and traumatic childhood abuse. The study examined two groups of Vietnam soldiers in an attempt to determine a predisposition for PTSD. The first group consisted of Vietnam soldiers who sought treatment for PTSD; the second group of Vietnam soldiers did not have PTSD. Veterans who were diagnosed with PTSD were shown to have higher rates of childhood abuse than veterans who did not have PTSD (Bremner, Southwick, Johnson, Yehuda, and Charney. 1993). PTSD has not always had an official diagnosis. Prior to the official diagnosis, there was a large gap in psychiatry. Physicians and other members of society regularly perceived those who suffered
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