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Unit 9: Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning Learning outcome 1: Understanding teaching and learning strategies in lifelong learning I am a Dental Sister at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital. I will be teaching 1st year Undergraduate Bachelor Dental Students (BDS). The 1st year BDS have to have certain criteria when enrolling on the 5 year BDS course the academic entry requirements are Biology and Chemistry A-level grade A, Mathematics A-level grade A, GCSE grade B in both English and Maths and all applicants must take UKCAT. There is also some non-academic entry requirements which include scholastic activity, community activity, general activity/interests and work shadowing/observation experience. The…show more content…
It means acknowledging that students have a range of individual learning needs and are members of diverse communities. For example a student with a disabling medical condition may also have English as an additional language and be a single parent. Inclusive teaching avoids pigeonholing students into specific groups with predictable and fixed approaches to learning. If not all learning styles are covered some students may feel excluded or left out, for example if I did not identify or carry out an initial assessment to identify that TW had dyslexic my lesion plans may not support TW’s learning style/needs. TN has a disability that may need some extra support and encouragement It is vital for me to carry out an initial assessment in the induction process or when first meeting the students to discover what each student needs are. Each session should cover all styles of learning e.g. active learning, student-centre, teacher-centre, peer working, small and large group activity, independent research and the use of information communication technology. As I will be teaching on a clinical environment it will not be possible to have the use of Information Communication Technology ICT but this will be covered with the student in the classroom environment. 2.1 Analyse inclusive approaches to learning and teaching When taking an inclusive approach to learning and teaching

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