Puberty Is A Big Part Of Life

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Puberty is a big part of life, and what happens during that time is critical to the adolescent. Whether or not the adolescent is prepared for puberty shapes their outlook on what is happening within their bodies. If they have no prior knowledge of what it is that is going on inside them, they are more likely to be confused and even feel as if something is wrong with them. Contrary to that, if the adolescent is aware of what puberty is and what goes on during this time of development, they are more likely to view it as a step to becoming an adult, the way it should be viewed. Adolescents need to not only be aware of puberty, but also the things associated with puberty, such as mental health, drug abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases.
Puberty in Boys and Girls
Puberty is very different in girls and boys; however, during both, adolescents become sexually mature. It is after puberty that boys and girls are capable of reproducing. Boys and girls tend to have many questions during this time including whether or not what is happening to them is normal. This is why it is essential for the parents to sit down with their adolescents and talk to them about puberty and what will be occurring that way they know what to expect. This may be an awkward conversation to have, but it will greatly benefit the adolescent. My personal experience included not having a conversation with my mother; however, at school we had a nurse that came in and explained what happened during puberty. This…
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