Public Administration And The Non Profit Sector

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What is your “general” location? I reside in South Los Angeles, California.

What is your current profession and describe your work responsibilities? I currently work as a temporary receptionist at Children 's Institute, Inc. (CII). As a receptionist, I mostly provide the day to day administration of CII front desk reception and informed parents about our Head Start program. CII is a non-profit organization, and offers many programs and services such as early childhood programs, youth growth, and family support.

What is your experience and involvement in public administration or the non-profit sector?

Although I gained some knowledge about the public sector throughout my internship experiences, I still have the urge to learn and experience more about this subject. Being an intern at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office: Victim Assistance Program got me more involve in the subject of public administration. As an intern, I had to inform the victims about the services the Victim Assistance Program offers. In addition, my responsibilities were to document calls for statistical purposes. I had to maintain files/records of the victims as well.
Are there any events (local or global) or individuals that have been particularly influential in your life? If so, in what manner has such affected your journey or career choices?

During my junior year of my undergraduate degree, I had the privileged to join the JusticeCorps program. JusticeCorps is an AmeriCorps…
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