Public Administration

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Public administration was once defined as "a detailed and systematic execution of public law" (Boundreau, 1950, p. 371). However, in White's book Introduction to the Study of Public Administration, he defined it as " 如ublic administration consists of all those operations having for their purpose the fulfillment or enforcement of public policy, as declared by the competent authorities" (Boundreau, 1950, p. 371). The public interest in public administration is making decisions and carrying out duties by the government that corresponds and agrees with the majority of the public. The public is made up of individuals, and groups that embody various ideals, points of views, and interests. In a way, public interest is defined as "a working compromise and be subject to continuous redefinition, as need arises, in the process of achieving an often delicate balance among conflicting interests" (Boundreau, 1950, p. 371). The public interest and the approach to serving such duty by public administrators have changed since September 11, 2001, which was when the terrorist attacks took place on the twin towers. Public interest reflected a new concern for the public good, and a new approach to deal with the threats placed on the people on a global level. September 11th was an event that took place that shook the core and reevaluated the values that public administrators held dear and near, which include an "order for a free and democratic society to flourish, all its citizens, including,
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