Public Advocacy Office : The Public Advocate Office

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The Public Advocacy Office The Public Advocacy Office fits my pre-conception of how a professional setting would look. When I noticed that some of the workers was of mixed races, it made me happy. In a work meeting that I attended, the advocate’s spoke about issues that were dear to me like issues dealing with inmates on Rikers. The work that the Advocate’s do should reflect the needs of the community. By the Advocate’s advocating issues that are necessary to the community, it leaves room to seal the gap between law and the community. The advocates allowed me to take part in an individual meeting with a client, whlead me to feel like helping people with heir issues is a career I can do. Before I got assigned to this section of work, I didn’t know what to expect. The experience excited me, as I did not know much about the work of the Public Advocates office. Jevy Light, one of the head advocates, was my host. The location and setting seem like an exceptionally professional environment, like how they reflect on T.V shows. She took me into a nice room where I saw the ideal large circular table with comfortable chairs, and book shelve holding books that looked to be important like how they show in the T.V show Suits. Jevy told me that I had arrived at a perfect time because they were about to start a work meeting. At the start of the meeting, I was happy to see that one of the advocates was a young and black male that looked to be straight out of college. As we waited for the
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