Public Assistance For Welfare Programs

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Many people in our country have turned to public assistance for help in our troubling economy. Welfare programs in our country date back to the early 1900’s. When these programs first started they were set up to support those who genuinely needed it. Many of the people who use these programs are hard working people who have had unfortunate things happen to them. However for those who use government assistance for good there are those who take advantage of the programs. Those who take advantage have turned to drugs and are unable or unwilling to make the necessary life changes that the others using the support have. Welfare programs were started to help those who have fallen into an undesirable situation such as losing a job. These programs are not setup to aid in or assist in people’s drug habits. Drug use has substantially risen over the years many of the drugs that people are using are worse than recreational marijuana use. They are also set up to help mothers with children to keep their children at home and not in foster care. Also to ensure that children and theirs parents have food, shelter, and basic everyday essentials. Drug testing those who receive public assistance would be beneficial to the whole country. While there will always be these that insist that drug testing these people is unconstitutional. It also appears that those taking advantage of the system is also unconstitutional. Drug testing, as a requirement for welfare, would ensure that those who have a…
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