Public Awareness On Abuse And Neglect

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Elder abuse and neglect is a major issue in the health care industry, that society need to be made aware of. Seniors who stay at home or in nursing home are at more risk. Nurses should have the knowledge to identify the abuse as well as resources in the community. By having a better understanding of these issues, nurses can recognize problems and help prevent the devastating effects of elderly abuse.
All elderly should be treated with respect and protected from every type of abuse (American Psychological Association, 2006; Lee, 2007). Significant progress has been made in the past five years toward eliminating violence against older adults. However, the lack of knowledge and clinical skills in health care provider still remains. This paper is intended to increase public awareness on abuse and neglect as well as requirements to report it in the state of Georgia.
Abuse is defined as causing bodily harm to an elderly in order to gain control. It can also be the withholding of necessary goods or services by a caregiver that elderly need for their well-being. Elder abuse can come in the form of physical, psychological and financial abuse (AMA, 2015). Elder abuse and neglect has been an unrecognized topic for centuries. Few research studies have been conducted on elderly abuse than other forms of family violence such as child abuse. However, not until recently, did research placed more attention on factors that are associated with elder abuse and neglect. Very little…

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