Public Bathroom : A Safe Space Where They Won 't Be Judged

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Unisex bathrooms provide trans individuals with a safe space where they won’t be judged. For most trans people, the simple act of choosing which public bathroom to enter can be cause for anxiety. This is attributed to the standard gender-segregated setup most restrooms have. The problem lies in presentation, or how well a person “passes” as the gender they wish to be perceived as. Essentially, what happens is “a trans person whose appearance or body doesn’t conform to what people think of as male or female may run into trouble tying to use either restroom” (Friedrichs). The trouble that one might run into in these situations can become extreme, and very dangerous. One transgender person stated that in public restrooms they’ve experienced “[being] slapped, pushed, and dragged out by security guards” (Friedrichs).With the inclusion of unisex bathrooms, this and similar problems are eliminated. This is because if a trans woman were to use the women’s restroom, the other women in their could judge or attack her because she might not look like woman, so she shouldn‘t belong in the women‘s room. However if the same woman were to use the unisex bathroom instead, no longer would the other patrons need to worry if she belonged there or not, because both men and women are welcome. In a room where both men and women are allowed, people are far less likely to be judged or harassed based of their perceived gender. Many individuals in the transgender community have started to support the

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