Public Cloud And Private Cloud

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In today’s age and time more services are moving to the cloud. A lot of people do not know what the cloud is, as the main variations are the public cloud, public/private cloud and the private cloud. The pubic cloud security is what we are going to be focusing on but there will be references to the private cloud. A quick definition of the public cloud is basically like an apartment or condo where multiple tenants share a huge building but have there on private spaces inside that building. An example of the public cloud for business is Amazon Web Services (4), Microsoft Azure (3), Office 365 (5), Google Cloud Hosting (6), and (7). A private cloud on the other hand is something you host internal inside your company to do similar services that is a private cloud. If you have remote log in like an SSLVPN connection you technically have a private cloud even with a file server or you could make it a little more user friendly and bypass the SSLVPN with something like Owncloud (8), which is similar to a private Dropbox (9) or (7). With the public cloud you are entrusting others with your data, even if it is in your locked area as for in an apartment someone else also has a key. You have to put trust in someone else you don’t know or haven’t meet with which means you are trusting someone like Amazon (4) or Microsoft (3) to make sure the person is trustworthy. Some advantages of the cloud is that you have the ability to get it up and going at a very
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