Public Communication And Public Relations

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Press agentry, public information, two-way asymmetric public relations, and two-way symmetric public relations are four models of public relations theory devised by Grunig and Hunt (1983). In this essay, the author goes on to identify an example each from current public relations business practices that goes on to show the four public relation models in action. Further stress is provided to ensure that the examples have all been taken place within last twelve months in the Australian media and justification of selection is to be done by comparing it with real world examples that are chosen. Grunig, Sriramesh & Lyra (2009) explains press agentry model of public relations as the most commonly used and earliest form of public relations, in…show more content…
Another one-way model of PR is the public information model. Grunig and Hunt (1983) stresses that the public information model is all about having the appearance of journalism to increase credibility and authority of the message. and it has been found to be used mainly by government agencies, law enforcement agencies and military units all around the world (Simpson,2015). This model does not place stress on gathering feedbacks. Non-government organisations campaign against the permission given for Adani Coal mines in Queensland is a typical example of using the power of journalism and press releases to influence public opinion. Press releases and articles done by Sydney Morning Herald “YourVote: Great Barrier Reef should be prioritised over coal mining, survey shows” by Hasham (2016) and “Environmental groups slam Adani approvals as resources sector celebrates” by Atfield (2016) are classic examples of how PR can be used to influence people by providing it an appearance of journalism. PR strategists for the Greenpeace Australia and other environmental groups have successfully been able to influence targeted public with press releases. This public information model used to block Adani Coals from starting mines in QLD, is a perfect example as Grunig, Sriramesh & Lyra (2009) notes the major characterizers of public information model as being one sided communication where the strategists acts as a journalist to produce objective
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