Public Communication Project : Domestic Violence

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For my public communication project, I decided to go with something that is overlooked by many Americans, especially college students, which is domestic violence. Although, I have firsthand witnessed domestic violence growing up, I still found things that truly shocked me. For instance, ( reported that 1 in every 4 women is involved in some type of domestic violent relationship within their life. ( I would have never thought it was so common, especially in America. Other things that I found interesting was ( reported that 33.33 percentage of homeless people in New York City were survivors of domestic violence. ( One does not think of things like that and just judges people who are homeless. They assume homeless people are lazy, but in reality that isn’t true at all. I stumbled upon ( and it laid out the different types of violence and it truly shocked me. ( So many people assume women can “just leave.” This is a horrible myth. If you have a child, how can you just leave and let your child live on the streets? You simple don’t and you toughen it out. I didn’t realize the various types of domestic violence and this project truly educated me on the various types. If I grew up a portion of my life in a domestic violent house and still had no idea on some of these things, how could people that didn’t grow up in that environment understand? That is why I chose the…
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