Public Conformity, Public Conformity And The Norm Of Reciprocity

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In this journal, the topics that I will be discussing are public conformity, private conformity and the norm of reciprocity. Public conformity means a superficial change in behavior without a corresponding change of opinion that is produced by real or imagined pressure. This means people will go along with being told to do something, due to the feeling of pressure to comply. An example of this would be, having to go a wedding when you have a Psychology exam on Monday, and you get guilted for not wanting to go to a 2nd cousins wedding. Hence, I went to the wedding which I believe that my actions were public conformity. The was conformity because I gave into the pressure and did what others wanted, to avoid a family brawl. Personally, I was steadfast in beliefs that I should have stayed home and studied. Private conformity means the change of beliefs that occur when a person privately accepts the position taken by others, this is also known as true acceptance or conversion. This means that you accept the decisions made by others, but privately you resist those already made decisions. For example, I thought that my mom was unreasonable, but after the wedding, I have changed my beliefs more in line with my family’s. This can also be seen in parents that get on top of their kids to do homework. I may not personally have had the same beliefs as my parents regarding education and its importance, but I don’t doubt that I will privately conform the moment that I
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