Public Corruption Aimee

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Critical Essay Analysis

Public Corruption

Aimee L. Romero

Kaplan University

CJ340-02: Applied Criminal Justice Ethics
1102C March 2011 Term

Instructor: Lance Oakland


Corruption is clearly everywhere around us with many forms and is a world-wide crisis. A day doesn’t go by that there isn’t a report in the media about some form of corruption by someone famous or internationally known, a Politian or an average every day citizen just perhaps looking for attention. Like a soap opera you’ve missed keeping up on for months, you can almost always turn the TV on and pick up right where you left off. My awareness of the most common form of corruption happens between the police and
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Moreover, regarding corruption as an innate quality of human culture undermines the hope for any improvement and is inherently fatalistic, serving as an excuse for creating cultures of corruption” (source: “The potential power of governments has worried people for a long time. Constitutionalism is the belief that government power should be limited. A fundamental ideal of constitutionalism or government of laws and not of men suggest that those who exercise government authority are restricted in their use of it by a higher law. A constitution governs government.”(Harrison/Dye 2008) When there is authority there is power. By letting the public and police know about policy, authority should show what it means and what is says by rewarding honesty and punishing corruption. Policies and practices must appeal both to what moves the best people and their character and sense of public service and to what move the worst of them, fear. “Fear along cannot motivate all people,” and policing unavoidably includes a significant level of failure.

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