Public Criticism of Police Shootings Essay

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Public Criticism of Police Shootings The nature of police work can be one of stress and long, hard working hours in which police officers deal with many types of situations that endanger themselves and their fellow officers. The fact that many people do not trust, appreciate, or support the police department is a terrible result of the public being taught to hate them. They do not like the police presence and the authority that the police have over them. Once a police officer shoots a suspect who more than likely deserved it due to the intent of harming or killing a civilian or a fellow officer, the public outcry is that the police are killers and that they will shoot anyone they come into contact with. Although we hear about…show more content…
A total of fifty shots were fired by five officers. The most shots were fired by Officer Michael Oliver who fired thirty one followed by Isnora who fired ten. The other three officers were acquitted and were very helpful in the situation in order to resolve it as fast as possible. The public outcry of this police shooting was fast and furious as riots and protests broke out in the days following the shooting. The public became obsessed with this case and soon the entire country got involved. Everyone began to talk about how this was just like the Rodney King case where several police officers in California beat him repeatedly on camera. Many people said this case was much worse since the suspects involved turned out to be McCarthy 3. unarmed and were not committing any crime during the entire situation. Also, the police officers fire fifty bullets at Sean Bell and his two friends. The two friends were wounded and were taken to the hospital along with the body of Bell. The New York City Police Department, the media, and the public all wanted to know why they fired fifty rounds of ammo at these unarmed and innocent three men. We have heard testimonies of both parties involved where the police have one side of the story and the friends of Bell have the other. (NY Daily News, pg. 34). Another very
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