Public Diplomacy And The Foreign Affairs Of The Republic Of Poland

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Working for government we can’t distinguish specific industry that it function in. Governments take care of varieties issues that are important for country and its society. As an industry in this specific environment I would call it public diplomacy industry. Public diplomacy pursued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs consists of a set of strategic, conceptual, analytical, coordinating and executive actions seeking to impact social attitudes and public opinion abroad and thereby to secure the principal interests of the Republic of Poland across the globe. This is done by using tools and methods from outside the realm of traditional diplomacy, essentially confined to intergovernmental relations. The primary aim of public diplomacy is to…show more content…
History In 1822, when Brazil won its independence, Poland did not exist on maps of the political world. In the years 1795-1918 the Polish lands were occupied countries by neighboring countries - Russia, Austria and Prussia. The struggle for independence, taken by another generation of Poles, reflexes elicited sympathy of many societies, including Brazilian. Emperor of Brazil, Peter I, during a performance in Paris, issued in favor of participants of the November Uprising (1831), he exclaimed: Vive la Pologne! It ts successor in turn, Peter II, agreed to accept the membership of Polish émigré patriotic associations based in Rapperswil, Switzerland, which certifies todays diploma awarded by the Société Nationale des Amis et Polonaise de la Pologne. In the year1907 at the Second International Peace Conference in The Hague, the representative of Brazil – Ruy Barbosa, a prominent lawyer and politician, in his fiery speeches repeatedly advocated the restoration of Poland 's independence. Not surprisingly, that Brazil was the first country in Latin America, which announced that it "recognizes the emergence of a united and independent Polish". The position of these was presented August 17, 1918 year note Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Nilo Peçanhi the French envoy in Rio de Janeiro, Paul Claudel.
In the interwar period (1918-1939) the message of the Republic of Poland in Rio de Janeiro subject Consulate General in
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