Public Display of Affection in Upis

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Public Display of Affection

Billones, Cysteine Babe
Cammayo, Pristine Mae
Lava, Jose Noel
Palomeno, Irish Paullen
Yabes, Jemima Grace

CA English 10
Prof. Ma. Lourdes Vargas
March 2012


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature
Chapter 3: Methodology
Chapter 4: Data Presentation and Analysis
Chapter 5: Conclusion

Appendix A: Research Proposal
Appendix B: Outline
Appendix C: Survey Questionnaire
Appendix D: List of Respondents
Appendix E: Tally Sheet
Appendix F: Transcriptions



Display of affection in public is an unacceptable act but still observed and practiced in the
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On the other side, PDA has already become natural and merely accepted for most of the young adults according to Cheryl Wittier’s article posted last April 2011.
Showing affection in public can be determined by different acts of intimacy. It can be anywhere from a whisper to a shout. It can also range anywhere from a touch of hands to a touch of somewhere else (Wu, 2001).
PDA is very common, but still an unaccepted act. According to, there are different degrees of showing affection which are commonly observed in public. There are acts that have been observed by the society without being neither offended nor disgusted. On the other hand, there are also types of PDA which easily annoy people.
Soenarie and Fehr-Snyder (2008) listed the accepted acts of PDA in the society. Talking in the hallways is accepted as long no one is disturbed. It is okay to shakehands, give a “man hug” by patting someone on the back and place an arm around one’s shoulder or “hook hug”. They can also hold hands and link arms in public. Giving hugs no longer than two seconds is acceptable as respecting one’s point of view.
Affection is not for public exhibition. Charlene Wu, on the other hand, listed some of the unaccepted acts of PDA in the chapter 5 of her article in public display of affection. Kissing is fine as long as it is not more than a peck on the lip. Passionate kissing and beyond in public is not acceptable. Sitting on
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