Public Education : A New Era Of Accountability, And A Multi- Layered Governance Structure Essay

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The educational landscape in New Orleans, Louisiana has significantly changed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Public education has undergone transformation. A centralized system of schools has reinvented itself as a decentralized system of schools – the first in the nation. This decentralized system of schools put into motion a change in the educational landscape of the city to include an expanded charter school system, a new era of accountability, and a multi- layered governance structure.
School leaders in the city have been tasked with creating “world-class schools” in a portfolio system of schools in the educational laboratory of post-Katrina New Orleans (Jacobs, 2006). Academic achievement in New Orleans schools generally continues to improve, though it continues to lag behind most other districts. Louisiana’s transition to Common Core and its associated tests is uncertain, which makes the state’s academic future unclear. Nonetheless, even as schools have demonstrated improvement, ongoing investment, innovation, and commitment are necessary to create a sustainable system of public schools where all children have the opportunity to receive a high quality education.
Concerns about leadership behaviors and their relationship to student achievement are not new. There has been much debate about whether leadership behaviors impact student achievement or whether student achievement is related to other factors. Whichever is true, the fact remains that it is…
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