Public Education Has Negatively Affected Children

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In her article “Harvard Survey Reveals Pessimism About K-12”, Michelle Molnar, a contributor for Education Week, states: “In a report released last week, the business school [Harvard] indicated that 47 percent of its alumni. . . saw little improvement in the K-12 education system.” Even though public education can have a positive influence, rising high school dropout rates, increasing juvenile crime, and the falling of American education’s global rating causes some parents to wonder if public education is truly working. Public education has negatively affected children. First, public education has negatively affected children by using ineffective curriculum. Public education’s curriculum is ineffective because it is biased. In his book Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children, Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld, who has spent four decades studying America’s public schools and writing ten books on education, informs that the history textbook suggestions of the newly passed Common Core “are. . . packed with inaccurate information and blatant ‘progressive’ bias.” These biased curriculums and textbooks have been showing up in public schools instead of unbiased curriculum that teaches fact. School materials slanted toward a bias will teach children to think a certain way instead of teaching them to think from themselves. In his article for the National Review, Stanley Kurtz, who holds a Ph. D. in social anthropology from Harvard,
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