Public Education In Australia Essay

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Recently, many countries provide public education system to make sure that everyone have opportunities to get education because education plays crucial role in the development of society. The public education is publicly funded education, accepting students no matter their religion, wealth, race, social class and family income (Doug Tuthill.n.p.). Therefore, public education provides everyone equal opportunities to learn basic skills needed to get a job or get work to do in the future. Public education is especially important for developing countries because it develops human capital and help people to gain knowledge . Since the world is technology based society, people needs basic skills and ability to communicate with others. Public education …show more content…

In Finland, the government provides free public education, following their principle that everyone should get opportunities to learn and study (Finnish education in a nutshell, 6). Finland has more freedom of education autonomy than other countries. They try to practice innovative and effective education programs starting from 1980 (Statistics Finland.n.p.). The teachers are able to get free workshops to teach students more effectively (이상커플.n.p.). The teachers do not just force students to study. They rather try to find the students’ own talents and develop their talents (Finnish education in a nutshell, 7). Also, the teachers encourage and take care of students who fall behind so they can catch up others. Finland does not even have national exams. Even though a competition is not high, the average score and achievement is relatively high (OECD.n.p.). As a result of the quality education, the economy of Finland has been rapidly growing since 1980, which is the year they started to practice free and innovative education. Also, the social mobility in Finland is very high. Since everyone can get education and find their own talented area, the students are able to grow up with special skills. Therefore, they are able to get jobs more easily in the future. The importance of high quality public education is proven by …show more content…

In 2009, the government made a policy that every children age from 6-14 must get education. Every private school has 25% of spare for those who are poor. However, the quality of public education system is poor and undeveloped. A quarter of teachers in public education are not teaching properly, and do not even present in the classroom. Students who are not able to go to high quality private school cannot get good quality education (Nikita Setia.n.p.). As a result, the economy of India is very poor and not growing for several years (BBC news.n.p.). India remains as developing country even though the government invests some money to the public education. The money is just wasted and not used efficiently. The social mobility of two of the lowest castes is low. Only 9% of them increase their social ladder while 25% of forward class move up to higher social class (Kunal Sen.n.p.). It shows how the education quality is different with the public school and private school. India needs better quality education to make economic

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